The significant stage in the development of USSR chemical industry was The Plenary Session of Central Committee of the CPSU (May, 1958), where it was decided to accelerate the development of chemical industry. By RSFSR Council of Ministers Decision from 14 July 1958 the board of Kazan Chemical Plant directors was confirmed. Vladimir Petrovich Lushnikov was appointed as the first Director of constructing Plant.

The first stage industrial units construction began in 1959. The first batch of phenol and acetone was produced on July 13, 1963. This day became the birthday of "Organicheskij Sintez" Plant.

Constructed and commissioned:

1963 Phenol and acetone production. 45 thousand tons of phenol and 27,5 thousand tons of acetone annual capacity. Production of the first batch of product.

1964 Isopropyl benzene production. Capacity - 84 thousand tons annually. First ethylene production unit. Ethylene capacity 62,4 thousand tons, propylene capacity - 16,5 thousand tons.

1965 First production unit of low density polyethylene (LDPE). Capacity - 24 thousand tons.

1967 First ethylene oxide production unit. Capacity -30 thousand tons, glycols - 23,5 thousand tons annually.

1968 Second unit of polyethylene of low density production. Capacity - 48 thousand tons.

Second ethylene production unit. Annual production of ethylene - 60 thousand tons, propylene - 27 thousand tons. Production of textile agents and modifiers. Capacity - 17 thousand tons.

1969 Ethanolamine production. Capacity- 14,5 thousand tons.

1970 Organic peroxide production. Capacity - 2350 tons.

1972 Catalyst on the carrier production shop. Capacity -170 tons.

1973 Second ethylene oxide production unit. Capacity- 60 thousand tons, Mono ethylene glycol - 30 thousand tons. Second LDPE Plant unit reconstruction with capacity expansion up to 68 thousand tons.

1974 The third ethylene production unit. Capacity - 100 thousand tons.

1976 The third LDPE production unit. Capacity - 120 thousand tons.

1977 Butyl cellosolve production. Capaciy-3000 tons.

1978 Proxanols and proxamines production. Capacity - 20 thousand tons.

1980 Polyethylene pipes and fittings production. Capacity - 53 thousand tons.

1982 Fourth ethylene production unit. Capacity - 90 thousand tons.

1983 HDPE production. Capacity - 200 thousand tons.

1988-1989 Liquid and gaseous wastes processing and utilization shop was commissioned.

1989 Fourth ethylene production unit reconstruction with expansion up to 160 thousand tons.

1991 First LDPE unit is reorganized into "Sevilen" OJSC.
Polyethylene pipes production reconstruction.
3 lines were replaced by new more productive ones.

1997 Polypropylene containers production. Capacity for bags 6 million pieces, for containers 200 thousand pieces.

1998 Polyethylene pipe production unit reconstruction to produce pipes with distinctive stripes. Lines for polyethylene packing into valve bags are installed at HDPE and LDPE Plants.


Third LDPE production unit expansion up to 117 thousand tons. Second LDPE production unit expansion up to 72 thousand tons.


Liquid and gaseous wastes processing and utilization workshop boiler unit reconstruction for boilers changing into water-heating mode of operation for hot water production and its supply to the OJSC "Kazanorgsintez" heating system.


Brick Plant. Capacity - 15 million pieces. Reconstruction of LDPE and HDPE Plants.
Polyethylene packing lines replacement.
Polymer containers production expansion up to 15,8 million bags.
Polyethylene pipes production reconstruction.
Replacement of old lines with more efficient ones.
Nitrogen -oxygen shop reconstruction.


Revamp of the 4th line of Ethylene with capacity expansion up to 205.000 tons.
HDPE Plant: new process line was installed by “Theysohn” (Germany) for preparation of polyethylene concentrates of the process carbon with capacity of 10.000 tons annually.
3rd line of LDPE Plant: re-piping of the hot water flows of the reactor area that allowed expanding capacity up to 120.000 tons per year.
Organic Products Plant: production of the products for oil field applications: scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, de-emulsifiers, bactericides.


Nitrogen, Oxygen and Cold Production Plant: reconstruction of А-8-1air separation unit was finished. АрТв – 0,15 Catalytic purification of argon from oxygen unit was implemented.
At the 2nd line of LDPE Plant a new modernized product choler was installed at the process string No 4. That allowed expanding capacity of LDPE Plant production up to 73,500 tons per year.


 As the result of reconstruction of the 4th ethylene line gas separation unit, capacity was expanded up to 235.000 tons annually.

At the 3rd line of “Ethylene” Plant gas measuring station was implemented – for accounting of the Ethane feed-stock.

LDPE Plant: compound materials production unit based on granular polymers for automotive industry was implemented.

Organic Products Plant: revamp of the glycol production column Т-306 of the 2nd line with capacity expansion up to 40.000 tons per year.
Replacement of the rectifying columns No 40; No 56 for production of ethanolamines for quality improvement was implemented.

HDPE Plant: one discharge-vacuum transportation system with capacity of 22,5 t/h was replaced with the equivalent with capacity 30 t/h.

Non-reclaimable products reprocessing workshop: for utilization of polymer wastes, on the 1st of November, 2004, Non-reclaimable products reprocessing workshop was founded at JSC. Reprocessing line of polymer wastes “Indumat-250”, hydraulic press B0030 were handed over to this workshop; shredder WLK 10/55 by «Weima» (Germany) was purchased for grinding of polymer wastes in shape of solid lumps.

At the 2nd line of LDPE Plant complete line by “Theysohn” was implemented for production of composite materials with capacity 3.000 tons per year.


Construction of the new Production Plants of Bisphenol-A and Polycarbonates was started.

At the 2nd line of gas separation unit, Ethylene Plant, cracked gas furnace “Linde” (Germany) was implemented, which processes propane-butane fraction. Two existing cracked gas furnaces were revamped at the 4th line of gas separation unit.

At the second half of 2005, at HDPE Plant, the first stage of reconstruction of polymerization workshop was completed, which includes reactor lines “A” and “C” revamp, replacement of single devices and circulation loops pipelines. This reconstruction allowed expansion of polymerization capacity of one line from 8,77 t/h to 15 t/h. New bins and pneumatic transport lines were installed.
A new unit for HDPE packing into the valvular bags was constructed and started-up. It has the capacity of 30 t/h, new palletizing unit.

Non-reclaimable products reprocessing workshop: since August 2005, after completion of the equipment erection, production of secondary crushed LDPE and HDPE was implemented.

In goods workshops of LDPE Plant new palletizers were implemented. Process blow-offs from LDPE 93-96 workshop which were burned out before, are now transferred to the cracked gas compressors of the 65-76 workshop at Ethylene Plant.

At Organic Products Plant rectifying columns No 29 and No 92 for ethanolamines production were replaced for the purpose of quality improvement of the produced goods.

Nitrogen, Oxygen and Cold Production Plant: argon filling station and warehouse for cylinders storage was commissioned, also gasholder unit was implemented.

Liquefied hydrocarbons storage warehouse construction was started.

New product was received – linear polyethylene, grade PE2NT05-5.


New production units of “Butene-1” with capacity of 20,500 tons per year and “Carbon dioxide” with capacity of 20.000 tons per year on the basis of workshop No 1 were started at the Organic Products Plant.

HDPE Plant: within license agreement with “Univation Technologies” for the revamp of A and C Reactors in September 2006 successive stage of reconstruction was completed, which provided capacity increase of HDPE production up to 510.000 tons per year.

Phenol-acetone production revamp was completed with capacity increase of phenol up to 65.000 tons annually and up to 41.000 tons annually of acetone.

Ethylene Plant: large-scaled reconstruction of II, III, IV lines of gas separation was started with increase of summary capacity of ethylene up to 605.000 tons per year.

At the 3rd line of Ethylene Plant a new Pressure Swing Absorber (PSA Unit) was implemented for production of pure hydrogen for internal applications.

A flare tip for smokeless burning of flare gases from the I, II, III lines of gas separation was installed at the flare No 2055.

Nitrogen, Oxygen and Cold Production Plant: a new air separation unit А-14 by “Linde” (Germany) was commissioned, which provides ultra-pure nitrogen for existing and new productions.
A new air compressor of high capacity by "COOPER” (USA) was installed which allows to meet the increased demands in air from production facilities. Two condensed air dryer units of TRE/E-2000 type with capacity 20000 cub m/h were put into operation.

Following the purpose of efficient utilization of secondary resources at the third line of LDPE plant changes were implemented into distribution scheme of secondary boiling steam, which presently is not directed into company network, but meets steam demand at E-200 (4-7) kgf/cm2 (P-3,5 kgf/cm2 collector feeding), workshop 97-99, internal needs of 93-96 workshop, of “Transsonic” unit, which serves for heating water warming at third line of LDPE plant.


At the second line of Ethylene Plant assembly of the new “Technip” ( Holland) two chamber cracked gas furnace with ethane feedstock capacity of 36t/h was completed.
The flare tip at flare No 768 for smokeless burning of vent gases from the third line of LDPE Plant was replaced.
Coperion company ( Germany) equipment was put into operation at workshop No 157 at HDPE plant. The purpose of this work was to replace the existing compounding unit at HDPE plant (line C) at workshop 157 with the unit which has high capacity for granulation, also installation of additional equipment required for pneumatic transportation of powder and ready polyethylene granules. New granulation line has maximum production capacity 32t/h.

New polyethylene grades were manufactured:

  • ПЭ2НТ11-9 grade – bimodal type for water pressure pipes and connecting details for engineering pipeline systems productions ( type PE 100);
  • ПЭ2НТ22-12, ПЭ2НТ21-13, ПЭ2НТ26-16 grades – high density for processing by molding forming method into household articles application or other usage;
  • New film grades - ПЭ2НТ15-10, ПЭ2НТ17-5, ПЭ2НТ17-11 – low density linear polyethylene for stretch film production for packing.

Two new extrusion lines (Battenfeld, Germany) for pipes production with diameter 315-500 мм and 630-800 мм with design capacity 1150 kg/h were installed and put into operation in the plastic articles workshop following the idea of renovation of the process equipment and industrial capacity increase.

Expansion of Organic products warehouse No 0762 with installation of 8 tanks for polymerization purity hexene-1 and isopentane acceptance.

New department for continued preparation of catalyst complex was put into operation at isopropylbenzene, phenol and acetone production unit, replacement of field instrumentation with transition to high level of control over technological process, designed by «Yokogawa» ( Japan) and functioning on the basis of new controllers «СS-3000» type were performed.

On October 27, 2007 after full completion of mechanical assembly and commissioning works Bisphenol-A plant started industrial production of targeted product.
Construction of Polycarbonate plant is coming to completion.

Butene-1 plant with annual capacity of 20.5 thousand tons was commissioned.

Cooper (USA) centrifugal air compressor with capacity of 7200 m3/h was commissioned to meet the demands of Bisphenol A plant, Polycarbonate plant as well as other plants under revamp.

Carbon production with annual capacity of 20.5 thousand tons was commissioned at Organic Products Plant.

Bisphenol A Plant, including phenol and acetone production, started its operation. Phenol production operated within Ethylene plant before 1 July 2008.

Implementation of Polycarbonate production Plant commissioning. Its construction was started in 2004. Annual capacity 65 thousand tons of polycarbonate.

45th anniversary of the first batch production.

Unique flare unit for smokeless burning of emergency and exhaust gases from E-500 plant was installed at Ethylene Plant flare facilities using Libcherr crane with lifting capacity of 800 tons under program of Ethylene production revamp.

New liquefied oxygen storage unit comprising four small storage systems of БСХ-6/0,6 type was launched at Nitrogen, Oxygen and Cold Production Plant.

Advanced Linde 2.3 cryogenic unit was put into operation at Nitrogen, Oxygen and Cold Production Plant. Unit capacity based on gaseous nitrogen reaches 14 000 cubic meters per hour, based on liquefied oxygen – 2 tons per hour, based on liquefied argon – close to 274 kilograms per hour.

Polycarbonate of РС-075 optical grade was produced on 1 September 2009 at the Polycarbonate Plant. The product is intended for manufacturing of optical data medium and production of composites for automotive industry.

Completion of OJSC “Kazanorgsintez” expansion program established by the Board of Directors in 2004. This program provided the revamp of the existing facilities and the construction of new ones. In the period 2004-2010 the following activities were performed: revamp of HDPE Production and Processing Plant with annual production capacity increase from 197 up to 510 thousand tons, construction and commissioning of new Bisphenol A and Polycarbonate Plants with annual productivity of 70 and 65 tons accordingly. Phenol-acetone production unit was revamped to ensure stable raw supply at new Bisphenol A Plant. Infrastructure was improved. By the end of 2010 revamp of Ethylene Plant was finished with increase of production capacity from 430 up to 640 tons of ethylene annually. Capital costs for the works implemented in 2010 under expansion program reached 2153 million rubles.

New station for domestic waste waters pumping was put into operation at Nitrogen, Oxygen and Cold Production Plant at successful completion of commissioning tests in neutralization shop.

The first pilot batch of new ДОЭЭДА-70 product (dioxyethylethylenediamine) for cleaning of natural hydrocarbons from sour gases and sulphuric organic compounds used at JSC TATNEFT was produced at Organic Product and Industrial Gases Plant.

Operation of the first line of Liquefied hydrocarbons shop (LH shop) started in November. Eight spherical vessels for propane storage of 600 cubic meters each, drain rail overpass with 28 drainpipes as well as compressor compartment were launched. Commissioning of the first line in LH shop enables acceptance and storage for up to 3 500 tons of propane to provide continuous supply for Ethylene Production Plant.

HDPE Processing and Production Plant involved recovery technology for vent gases formed at Reactor A purge bin at production of PE2NТ11 powder resin. This technology ensured sufficient savings of isopentane and hexene.

System for micro filtration of industrial effluents, storm water run-off and sewage was installed at Nitrogen, Oxygen and Cold Production Plant to increase productivity of water treatment facilities in neutralization shop as well as at industrial waste water purification facilities.

Revamp of heat flow line for systems of preheating and cooling of tubular reactor was executed. This enabled to increase the mass productivity of cycle hypercompressor and the utilization effectiveness of flash steam formed at reaction heat removal from tubular reactor. Implementation of this project provided annual polyethylene production raise from 112 thousand tons up to 140 thousand tons and sufficiently decreased specific energy consumption at production of extra flash steam.

Water filtration system based on MICROZA membrane units as well as closed cycle drinking water purification technology were implemented in water treatment facilities and external utilities shop.

At Polycarbonate Plant new pilot batches of PC-030 RL and PC-007 grades with AD-10 whitening agent were produced.

In June 2012 Organic Products Plant and Nitrogen, Oxygen and Cold Production Plant were merged to form Organic Products and Industrial Gases Plant.


Construction and commissioning of pipeline and unit for pumping out of purified industrial and rainstorm wastes from PALL microfiltration unit to systems of 906 and 912 cooling towers in the shop for purification and neutralization of industrial wastes at Organic Products and Industrial Gases Plant based on design of JSC LENVODOCANALPROJECT Design Institute. Construction of carbon dioxide supply line from dioxide production and polymer filters cleaning shop to industrial wastes mechanical treatment unit. These measures ensured double decrease of sulphates and sulphides content in treated wastes disposed to the Volga river. In 2012 total cost of such measures amounted to 49.3 million rubles.

Shipment of liquefied argon was started in March. It is intended for protective media at welding, cutting and melting of active and rare metals and aluminium alloys, aluminium and magnesium alloys, stainless chromium-nickel heat resistant alloys as well as for metal purification in metallurgy.

LDPE Plant produced the pilot batch of 153-10К cable composite with improved processability.

In 2013 OJSC “Kazanorgsintez” celebrated the double anniversary: 55 years from the date of establishment and 50 years from the date of the first production.


HDPE Production and Processing Plant accepted into service HAVER FFS 2000 bagging machine by HAVER&BOECKER with capacity of 2000 bags/hour.

In February the same Plant accepted into service MÖLLERS palletizing and stretch wrapping line. These measures improved polyethylene packing quality and reduced polyethylene dumping as well as increased loading works productivity.

On 18 May 2015 OJSC “Kazanorgsintez” was renamed as PJSC “Kazanorgsintez”

Company rename was implemented due to entry into force of Federal Law No. 99-FZ dd. 5 May 2014 and under decision of Annual Shareholders Meeting. Now official Company’s name in English is Kazan Public Joint-Stock Company «Organichesky sintez», abbreviated as PJSC «Kazanorgsintez».


Park “Sosnovaya Roshcha” was opened at Recreation Center “Khimikov”. The Park houses a unique “chemical” children’s playground as well as a mobile complex for children to study road traffic regulations.

Company’s newspaper “Sintez” published in large editions celebrated its 50th anniversary.              On 20 September 1965, the newspaper was issued for the first time. Since then, more than two thousand issues have been released providing to the fullest extent the information on production, public and trade-union activities of the Company.


The upgraded Unit for loading acetone into auto trucks was put into operation with the aim to expand the variety of customers, as well as to ensure industrial and environmental safety in workshop 0401 at the Bisphenol A Plant, PJSC «Kazanorgsintez». The Unit comprises two independent loading arms and is designed for around-the-clock vacuum-tight loading of the products into auto trucks in compliance with applicable industrial safety requirements. The Unit is equipped with the process parameters monitoring system, ESD system, video surveillance system, fire alarm system and operative-dispatch communication.

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