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Chemists' Recreation Center

Chemists' Recreation Center

The Palace of Culture of Chemists was built in 1969 and has become one of the leading cultural and entertainment centers of Kazan.

The Palace of Culture has a concert hall for 627 seats and a cinema hall for 153 seats with a full set of sound-and-light and motion picture projection equipment, DOLBY DIGITAL SURROUND EX system, and a revolving stage. Our guests can visit dance and sports halls, a cafe with its own food production.

Besides, the Palace of Culture continues to hold cultural and recreational events like: "Aimed at thirtysomethings" and "Retro parties".

Café at the Palace of Culture has beautiful and comfortable spaces: dining hall for 100 persons and VIP-hall for 24 persons. The menu card includes dishes of Russian, Tatar and European cuisine.

The Palace of Culture of Chemists conveniently accessible from anywhere in the city: by bus, trolley and tram to "The Palace of Culture of Chemists" stop and by metro to "Yashlek" station.


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Swimming pool "Sintez"

Swimming pool Sintez

Swimming pool of OJSC Kazanorgsintez is a subdivision of OJSC Kazanorgsintez. It was opened in 1973. It includes three pools (one of them having length of 50 meters and 8 lines) and grandstand for 550 seats, two sports halls (one is fitness hall and the other is playing hall)б wonderful shower rooms, spacious lobby and change-rooms, doctor’s office, cafeteria.

Orgsintez Swimming Pool is one of the best sports facilities of the Republic of Tatarstan. It is famous for its traditions in mass health-promotion activity. International and All-Russia competition in swimming, water polo, synchronous swimming are held in the Pool.

Orgsintez is the training center for Premiere League water polo team Sintez which many times became Russian champion and prize-winner and possesses Russian Cup and Len-Trophy Cup. Special Swimming and Water Polo Sports Schools operating on the basis of Orgsintez Swimming Pool for 40 years are characterized with good traditions in training of high-class and mass-category sportsmen.

Scholars and students, workers and officers, housewives and pensioners do swimming in subscription groups. There are swimming training groups where children above 7 learn the essential skill – swimming. There are “Mother and Child” groups for kids from 3 to 5 years. Sport and fitness groups are popular with teenagers where they learn swimming and continue to improve their skills in sport modes of swimming, take part in swimming competition and obtain sport categories. Aqua-aerobics and underwater swimming classes are held in the large pool. Athletic gymnastics, shaping, pilates and yoga groups work in the sports halls.

There are two Honored Masters of Sports of Russia, 4 International Masters of Sports and more than 100 Masters of Sports and International and Russian swimming and water polo competitions winners among the students of the Swimming Pool.

Orgsintez Swimming Pool is a sports facility of the XXVII World Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan.


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Swimming pool Sintez Swimming pool Sintez

The sanatorium-preventorium

The sanatorium-preventorium

In 2005 during nine months total reconstruction of sanatorium-preventorium was made.

Comfortable double rooms, luxurious halls, gracefully served tables in the canteen - it is one of those places, which is said about: "it's better to see once than to hear 100 times".

Talking about sanitary procedures, almost all existing in modern medicine procedures are represented here: physical therapy, inhalations, massages, mud therapy, treatment baths and what not.

The out-of-town children recreation center "Solnechny"

The out-of-town children recreation center Solnechny

The total area of this recreation center is 78 030 square meters. It is a peculiar pearl of Tatarstan.

It is located in the picturesque part of the city, in the woodland. There are four well-equipped buildings where 280 children of the employees of "Kazanorgsintez" can have a rest every year. The design of rooms and halls satisfy to all modern requirements. They are cozy and comfortable. There is Center of Children creation and leisure with the cinema hall for 350 places, a hall for discos, a library, a computer class and game-playing machines, rooms for hobby groups, a children bowling-room.

The territory of the recreation center is also equipped. There is a stadium, a sports ground for playing various sport games and playground for younger children. There are also two swimming-pools. One of them is designed for driving on catamarans, the second is designed for swimming. The latter satisfy to all modern requirements: it is equipped with automatic heating and the system of water purification.

About 1100 children rest and restore their health at the recreation center. In winter about 900 employees of the company have a rest here. According to results of work out-of-town children recreation center "Solnechny" has hold the first place among the children recreation centers of Moscow District for six years and among Kazan children recreation centers for three years.


Russia, RT, Kazan,
Kirovsky district,
township Zalesniy
The out-of-town children recreation center Solnechny The out-of-town children recreation center Solnechny

The recreation center "Observatoria"

The recreation center Observatoria

The recreation center "Observatoria" is situated on the bay of the river Volga. The total area of this recreation center is 3 375 square meters. There are 18 buildings, each for four persons, a place where cooking is made, a well with artesian water.

Holiday-makers can make use of catamarans. In winter the Fisherman House is open where more than 250 employees of the company have a rest.


Russia, RT, Kazan,
Kirovsky district,
township Observatoria
The recreation center Observatoria The recreation center Observatoria

The recreation center "Shelanga"

The recreation center Shelanga

The total area of this recreation center is 190 001.26 square meters. (the recreation center itself is 120 001.45 square meters, the house-sport center is 69 999.81 square meters.).

There are 25 buildings (two-room and five-room) for 210 persons There are 25 buildings (two- and five-rooms) for 210 persons. There are gasified kitchens, a shop where one can buy foodstuff. Every year more than 500 employees have a rest at the recreation center "Shelanga".


Russia, RT, Kazan,
Verkhneuslonski district,
village Shelanga
The recreation center Shelanga The recreation center Shelanga

Public catering center (PCC)

Public catering center (PCC)

There is a vegetable storehouse with the capacity of 150 tons and 2 potato storehouses with the capacity of 400 tons. Services rendered by PCC are daily used by 6000 people. The prices for meals in the canteens are the lowest in the city.

In 2002 on the territory of JSC a new canteen equipped with the hi-tech equipment was opened. PCC serves all JSC's actions. It organizes exhibitions-sales of confectionary, flour, culinary products. It carries out thematic days: the Day of the Tatar cuisine etc. There is a school of culinary skills working in the PCC.


Public catering center (PCC) Public catering center (PCC)

Medicosanitary Unit (MSU)

Medicosanitary Unit (MSU)

In structure MSU there are: a polyclinic for 250 visits a shift, stomatologic branch with 70 visits a shift, a day time hospital for 12 beds, 2 health centers and a sanatorium - dispensary for 90 persons. In the polyclinic there work 6 shop medical sites.

The following specialists work there: 5 therapists, 2 gynecologists, a surgeon, an ophthalmologist, a neurologist, a radiologist, an otolaryngologist, a doctor of ultrasonic diagnostics, a doctor - physiatrist, a doctor - urologist, an acupucturist. The primary goal of the MSU is the preventive health care of the factory workers.

In 2000 there took place a grand opening of a new day time hospital. It was equipped with the newest medical equipment. The sanatorium-dispensary is located in a green part of the city near the park.


Medicosanitary Unit (MSU) Medicosanitary Unit (MSU)

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