Kazanorgsintez awarded Letter of Gratitude for providing decent working conditions

19 June 2015

Kazanorgsintez awarded Letter of Gratitude for providing decent working conditions

PJSC Kazanorgsintez awarded the Letter of Gratitude from the Tatarstan Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Services during the meeting of the Ministry Board. The award was presented as an appreciation of the Company’s efforts to provide its employees with decent working conditions and to develop its social policies.

The Enterprise applies such integrated systems as quality management, labor safety and health and environment protection that comply with both international and Russian standards. The Company’s labor safety service is continuously upgrading its system for ensuring trouble-free operation, creating sound and safe labor conditions, as well as preventing industrial injuries and occupational diseases.

In 2014, in accordance with the Labor Safety Agreement between the Administration and Trade Union Committee, as well as for the purpose of further improvement of labor conditions, the Company held 59 events worth RUB 59.4 million. Labor conditions were improved for 1,131 employees, including 199 women. Last year, the funds allocated by Kazanorgsintez for labor safety reached RUB 483.3 million, thus growing by 10% as compared to those in 2013. In line with the Collective Employment Agreement, the wage supplements of Kazanorgsintez employees comprise 27 key preferences and guaranteed payments every employee can take advantage of.

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