Kazanorgsintez increased the production energy performance decreasing heat losses

10 April 2019

Kazanorgsintez increased the production energy performance decreasing heat losses

The project, implemented in 2016–2018 became a part of a large “Program to reduce heat and heat transfer agents losses for 2015–2018 with perspective till 2020 ". In three years a large-scale reconstruction and modernization of heat networks was carried out at Kazanorgsintez with the replacement of thermal insulation to minimize heat loss and increase the efficiency of thermal energy use in production.

At the opening of the forum, Rustam Minnikhanov, President of the Republic of Tatarstan, examined the stand of Kazanorgsintez PJSC. The project was presented by Farid Minigulov, General Director of the Company. Minnikhanov congratulated Minigulov and the staff of the Company with successful work.

The implementation of the project at the Company was promoted by the “Technical requirements for thermal insulation used in equipment, steam pipelines, hot water and product pipelines of Kazanorgsintez PJSC, which are binding on design (material choice), supply (purchase), installation, and repair of thermal insulation " put in force in 2016. One of the results of the implementation of these requirements was the use of thermal insulation materials made of mineral wool based on melts of basalt rocks (stone wool) for insulation of steam and heat pipelines and equipment, which by its characteristics significantly exceeds the previous thermal insulation materials made of mineral wool according to GOST 21880-2011 M1-100.

Furthermore in accordance with the program for reducing heat loss, Kazanorgsintez replaced physically worn out equipment and heat pipelines, optimized the steam supply scheme due to the decommissioning of certain sections of steam pipelines with a decrease of their total length and number of drains, and reduced the diameters of individual steam lines to match the actual steam consumption, installed effective steam traps, reducing the loss of “flying” steam with bypassed condensate.

All these works led to the fact that in 2018 it was possible to reduce heat losses in steam by 3% in comparison with 2016. The economic effect of reducing heat loss over the year amounted to 100 million rubles. Cost of all reconstruction and modernization activities under the program should be recovered in a year and a half.

Now Kazanorgsintez has developed “Activity plan aimed at reducing energy losses in the Company's divisions for 2018-2020 and for the future until 2025 ". In fact, it is a follow-up of the project presented at the exhibition.

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