Five victories in five contests

1 June 2015

Five victories in five contests

Students of the Lushnikov Kazan Petrochemical College won all the first places during the contest.

On 27 May the Lushnikov Kazan Petrochemical College hosted the First Interregional Professional Skills Contest for the title of the “Best in Profession 2015” among students from secondary education establishments. The Contest was dedicated to the Chemist’s Day.
The Contest brought together participants representing educational establishments of Tatarstan, Mariy-El, Chuvashia and Ulyanovsk region.
The mission of the Contest is to advance the qualification of employees and workers involved in following professions: operator of inorganic substance production facilities, instrumentation and automation systems mechanic, chemist, operator of processing pumps and compressors and secretary.
The Contest consisted of two parts: Theory and Practice. Theory part was dedicated to testing students’ knowledge, while the Practice part was intended to give them an opportunity to present their skills in practice.
The Judges and Experts of the Contest included representatives of PJSC Kazanorgsintez who followed the course of the Contest and gave unbiased evaluations to students’ skill.
The long-lasting and persistent struggle ended up with:
The best operator of inorganic substance production facilities: the first place was won by Denis Voronin (Lushnikov Kazan Petrochemical College), while Ruslan Nilov (Nizhnekamsk Technology College) and Stanislav Vorkunov (Nizhnekamsk Petrochemical College) took the second and the third places respectively;
The best instrumentation and automation systems mechanic: Emil Kulakov (Lushnikov Kazan Petrochemical College) ranked first and was followed by Anatoly Karelin (UTEK) and Renat Gilyazov (Nizhnekamsk Petrochemical College);
The best chemist: Alina Bikmullina (Lushnikov Kazan Petrochemical College) took the first place, while Veronika Zarifullina (Nizhnekamsk Petrochemical College) and Kseniya Ivanova (Novocheboksarsk Chemistry and Mechanics Technical School) ranked second and third respectively;
The best operator of processing pumps and compressors: the first place was given to Artyom Voronin (Lushnikov Kazan Petrochemical College). He was followed by Igor Chirkunov (Nizhnekamsk Petrochemical College) and Ravil Gimranov (Nizhnekamsk Technical School of Petrochemicals and Oil Refining);
The best secretary: Svetlana Kudryavtseva (Lushnikov Kazan Petrochemical College) won the first place, while Niyaz Khuzin (Kazan Mechanical Engineering Technical School) and Irina Ivanova (Alekseyevsk Agriculture College) took the second and the third places respectively.

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