Aim of procurements is timely covering of Company’s requirements for raw, reagents, materials and equipment. Procurement of basic hydrocarbon raw, reagents and materials, spare parts, tools and equipment, computing and office machinery, software as well as timely provision of abovementioned commodities and materials for construction and retrofit objects is performed in accordance with STO ISM 7.4-4.4.6-4.4.6-07 Procurements («Закупки»).

The standard was developed with reference to GOST R ISO 9004-2010 (ISO 9004:2009), OHSAS 18002:2008 and GOST R ISO 14004-2007 (ISО 14004:2004) recommendations and conforms to GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008), GOST R 54934-2012/OHSAS 18001:2007, GOST 12.0.230-2007 and GOST R ISO 14001-2007 (ISО 14001:2004) requirements.

The activity on the procurement of products, goods, works (services) in the PJSC“Kazanorgsintez” is performed by means of Onlinecontract ETF. PJSC“Kazanorgsintez” concludes the contract with the winner according to the results of the trading on Onlinecontract ETF.