Kazanorgsintez held the first public hearings on the Reactor B revamp

31 May 2019

Kazanorgsintez held the first public hearings on the Reactor B revamp

Kazanorgsintez began the procedure for preparing state environmental impact assessment on the large-scale project, namely Reactor B revamp at HDPE plant. Public hearings on the development of the Terms of reference for the environmental impact assessment were held on May 30 in the building of Kazan Chemical College named in honor of Lushnikov V.P.

The revamp of one (Reactor B) of the three reactors at the plant is scheduled for the period from 2019 to 2022. The revamp provides for large-scale replacement of the equipment, as well as its outfit with vent gas recovery system. After upgrading the reactor, it is planned to increase its capacity for polyethylene production from 70 to 220 Kta. In addition, thanks to the recovery system, no increase in the volume of emissions will be into the atmosphere, but rather, it will be decreased. Previously, a similar revamp was implemented for Reactor A and Reactor C.

In the course of the last hearings no comments on the draft Terms of reference have been submitted. The next step is to conduct the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) itself. Public EIA hearings are scheduled for 22 August 2019.

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