Kazanorgsintez PJSC will replace imported metallocene polyethylene

25 March 2019

Kazanorgsintez PJSC will replace imported metallocene polyethylene

Starting from April 2019, Kazanorgsintez PJSC will begin industrial production of metallocene linear low density linear polyethylene (LLDPE). Up to this moment, PE processers had to use only foreign grades of this product. Domestic equivalents were not presented at the market. Kazanorgsintez PJSC will become the only producer of metallocene polyethylene in Russia. Introduction of domestic grades to the market will allow reducing deficiency of metallocene products and making them available for a wide range of polymer processers.

Currently, metallocene linear polyethylene is one of the most requested PE’s. Its application in production of polyethylene articles gives enormous economic benefit i.e. polymer consumption is reduced when producing the same volumes of final products, products weight decreases, and their durability increases. Metallocene linear polyethylene is applied to produce stretch films, stretch hood films, general purpose films of high durability, films for lamination, agricultural films, and it is as well applied independently or as additive to other types of polyethylene.

First metallocene products were produced by Kazanorgsintez PJSC as early as in 2005 at the Plant for production and processing of high density polyethylene (HDPE Plant) which had undergone partial revamp. Butene-1 was used as comonomer. PE2NT05-5 Grade mastered at that time was considered to be one of the most perspective grades. However, the Plant stopped the production of that Grade in 2009 due to some market factors. New production was launched in 2019 with application of hexene-1 as comonomer. Hexane-1 is more effective as modifying comonomer than butene-1 and it as well provides for the best set of performance properties of the product being manufactured.

At a new stage of mastering the production of metallocene products Kazanorgsintez PJSC sets a goal to offer to the community of processers the product of the highest quality which will be competitive to metallocene LLDPE grades from such world brands as Sabic and ExxonMobil. Now Kazanorgsintez PJSC already opened a dialogue with the largest processers on trial deliveries.

It is planned to introduce two film grades of metallocene LLDPE to the market such as F2010M and F2030M. The Grades feature melt flow index (MFI) of MFI2.16 1.0 and 3.0 respectively. The first PE Grade is more viscous and is intended for production of tubular film by blow molding, and the second is intended for film production by means of cast extrusion. It is possible to execute the preliminary orders starting from 25 March 2019.

Manufacturing Process in Brief

In late seventies of the 20th century, basic and applied research in the field of a catalysis of olefins polymerization processes introduced a new class of catalysts i.e. metallocene catalysts to the area of PE producers’ technology interests. Unique feature of metallocene catalysts is their high performance, selectivity in relation to comonomers (higher alpha olefins) and uniformity of active centres’ nature. These catalysts also received one more name i.e. single-centre catalysts.

In its main properties metallocene linear polyethylene is similar to linear low density polyethylene produced by means of conventional Ziegler catalysts, but has a number of distinctive features. The main effect when using metallocene catalysts is that modifying comonomer (butene-1 or hexene-1) is evenly distributed over the entire range of macromolecules which are formed in the course of copolymerization. It means that the product is characterized by high chemical homogeneity. Applied effect of use of metallocene linear low density polyethylene is the unique balance of produced film items with regard to longitudinal-circumferential strength properties, puncture strength and good films weldability, as well as the possibility of their operation within a wide temperature range.

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