Ethylene plant

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The share of products in commodity output of Kazanorgsintez PJSC

Ethylene plant is the first plant in process chain of Kazanorgsintez PJSC. It consists of 4 lines of ethylene production and hydrocarbon feed stock and liquefied gases storage workshop. Ethylene plant is one of oldest plants, it occupies the largest territory.

It consists of 8 workshops:

  • First line (workshops No 204-205, 201-203);
  • Second line (workshop No 2021-2045);
  • Third line (workshop No 771-776);
  • Forth line (workshops No 58-68, 65-76);
  • Hydrocarbon feed stock and liquefied gases storage workshop No 109-110;
  • Process equipment repair workshop.

The main commodity products are ethylene, propylene.

Ethylene is the feed stock for production of polyethylene and ethylene oxide. Propylene is intended for production of polypropylene, phenol, acetone, propylene oxide.

The main feed stock is ethane fraction supplied from Orenburg helium plant and Minnibaevo gas processing plant by pipeline and propane-butane fraction supplied in railway cisterns to the Company. Ethylene and propylene are produced by pyrolysis (thermal decomposition) of hydrocarbon materials with following low-temperature gas-separation of pyrolysis products.

All produced ethylene is passed to LDPE, HDPE and Organic products Plants for further processing and production of final commodity outputs. All produced propylene is passed to BPA plant for production of phenol and acetone. Besides ethylene and propylene the plant produces and ships the following range of products: butylene-butadien fraction (BBF), liquid products of pirolysis (LPP), reject diesel fuel, light and heavy pirolysis resins.

Ethylene plant is the most power-consuming plant at Kazanorgsintez PJSC. The share of electric energy consumption is 43% of total electric energy consumption. Besides, self-produced steam (steam of secondary energy resources) is produced at the plant. Its share is 36% of total steam consumption at the Company.

For the purpose of capacity expansion the revamp of operating plants is constantly carried out.


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