Organic Products and Industrial Gases Plant

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The share of products in commodity output of PJSC "Kazanorgsintez"
39 %

Ethylene is used as a basic feed stock at Organic Products and Industrial Gases Plant. The Plant produces ethylene oxide and products on basis of ethylene oxide (glycols, ethanolamines, cooling liquids, textile agents and products for primary preparation of oil - corrosion and paraffin deposits inhibitors, proxanols-proxamines, demulsifiers).

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Ethylene oxide is produced by catalytic oxidation of ethylene. Glycols are obtained by liquid-phase hydration of ethylene oxide method, ethanolamines - by interaction of ethylene oxide and ammonia.

Glycols are used by gas-transportation and gas extracting companies for gas dehydration and considered to be the main feed stock for foam polyurethane production and shipped to synthetic fibers manufactures as well.

Ethanolamines are applied in gas and oil industry for gas purification from acidic and sulfur- containing organic compositions, as well as in perfumes production. Oil demulsifiers, corrosion and paraffin deposits inhibitors are used by oil-extracting companies for oil separation from water, for increasing oil recovery of beds, and for protection of drilling equipment.

Textile agents: stearoxes, oleoxes, oxamines, oxyethylated fatty acids are used in production of wool, cotton, silk, artificial fibers, they impart manufacturability, antistatic qualities to fiber and modify its structure, increasing strength properties. Cooling liquids are intended for using in cooling system of heat exchangers and internal-combustion engines.

Within the bounds of JSC "Kazanorgsintez" Development Program there are carbon dioxide production with capacity of 20 thousands of tons per year and "Hypox" polymer filters cleaning unit, which are auxiliary productions of new Polycarbonates production plant, were constructed and commissioned on the territory of the plant. Volatile flammable liquid warehouse (building No 762) was also expanded for the purpose of uninterrupted feed stock supply for expanded HDPE production and processing plant.

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