Overhaul preparation and execution plant

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The plant prepares and executes servicing and overhaul of production equipment for all units of the Company.


The Overhaul preparation and execution plant structure consists of two workshops and eight divisions:

  • metalwares and tube units manufacturing (MW&TU) workshop;
  • repair and construction workshop;
  • pipelines repair division;
  • equipment repair division;
  • construction units and facilities repair division;
  • pump and compressor equipment repair division;
  • underground conduits and sewerage repair division;
  • mechanical division;
  • transport division;
  • hoisting devices division.

The Overhaul preparation and execution plant executes almost all types of work for assembly and repair of process equipment, process pipelines and steam pipelines, cooling towers and other units. Highly qualified fitters, welders and engineers, who are able to perform complicated high-altitude assembling, work at the plant.

Repair works for pumps and compressors of any complication are carried out, as well as repair and dynamic balancing of fans at site.

The plant is equipped with modern unique climbing cranes and other machineries that provide efficiency of works execution.

MW&TU workshop within structure of the plant allows executing preparation works for shut-down overhauls effectively and manufacturing of all necessary tube stocks and metalwares in advance, that reduces period of their assembling during repair.

Within the plant there is also a production preparation bureau, which has certified and highly qualified specialists for workout of works production design using hoisting devices, metal structures and detailed metal structures design documentation work-out, and also nondestructive inspection laboratory which has accreditation. The laboratory makes control of weld joints quality and monitoring of dynamic equipment vibrations.

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