HDPE Production and Processing Plant

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The share of products in commodity output of PJSC "Kazanorgsintez"
56.8 %

HDPE production and processing Plant consists of three production units:

Polyethylene Production

Production of polyethylene is carried out by gaseous-phase method of ethylene (co)polymerization with catalysts addition using Unipol process.

The Plant produces different ethylene grades of high and medium density as well as linear low density polyethylene and bimodal high density polyethylene. Output products are intended for processing by extrusion, blow and injection molding methods, for production of film articles, pressure pipes for gas and water supply.

Production of plastic goods

HDPE is used as feed stock. It produces polyethylene pipes and fittings for gas and water supply.

Production of polyethylene pipes is carried out by extrusion method, and items for them are made by injection casting method.

Polyethylene pipes are widely used in gas-supply, water-supply, sewerage and industrial pipe-line systems. The production of polyethylene pipes and fittings is one of the largest in Russia.

Production of comonomers

Ethylene is used as feed stock. Final product is butene-1 produced by ethylene dimerization. Butene-1 is used as comonomer-modifier for high and medium density LPPE, linear low density polyethylene productions.