Environmental protection

Production process of main organic synthesis, inorganic substances, polymers as well as products manufactured from them sold by Kazanorgsintez PJSC by reason of the specific nature of the technological process are related to generation, emission and discharge into environment. Due to this Company management pays full attention to environment protection issues. The selected Company policy is focused on minimization of negative impact on environment.

The Joint Stock Company activity is performed in conformity with environmental legislation of the Russian Federation and Tatarstan Republic. Environmental protection measures plans are elaborated and implemented annually. These plans are intended to decrease the harmful environmental impact of operation units, rational use and protection of water resources.

Since 2005 the Company has implemented ecological management system certified for the compliance with International Standard Requirements ISO 14001. Management system allows increasing effectiveness of processes and actions aimed to achievement of continual improvement in the field of environment protection.

Following the market trends, consumer demands lead to inescapable expansion and sophistication of technological process and due to this it is necessary to constantly improve and build-up facilities intended for nature protection purposes including the following:

  • dust and gas catchers;
  • hydrocarbon blowdowns collection and utilization units with their partial return to the process;
  • circulating water system;
  • local purification units for chemically contaminated waste waters;
  • biological treatment plants system;
  • thermal deactivation stations of liquid production wastes;

Currently operating environmental monitoring system allows clearly and objectively trace ecological situation in plant operation area, analyze the ambient air condition tendency and water objects, to determine the effectiveness of environmental actions held, promptly determine and eliminate emerging ecological abnormal situations on production units.

Kazanorgsintez PJSC water supply is performed from its own water intake structure. In order to decrease water intake from the Volga river Company is constantly increasing the capacity of circulation water systems- the rate of water circulation makes up 97,5%.

Kazanorgsintez PJSC faces a task of rational and effective usage of nature resources which allows providing vital demands for people as well as protection and reproduction of environment. This problem can be resolved on a system approach basis realizing the complexity of actions taking in each field of material sphere. The way of demonstration on how Kazanorgsintez PJSC understands its responsibility to fulfill the assigned targets is the Company activity in environment protection for which Kazanorgsintez PJSC was awarded by diplomas and certificates. They include the following awards: diplomas of ecological forum participant “Hunan. Nature. Science. Engineering” for activity in the field of environment protection; annual diplomas of contest winner ECOleader nominated in “For effective ecological program”.

Environmental Policy

Kazanorgsintez PJSC produces organic synthesis products, inorganic products, polymers and polymer products and realizes that production processes negatively affect the surrounding environment that is why the ecological management is considered as top priority in the Company’s activity and as a basis for successful development.


Company’s sustainable development under dynamic economical growth and maximum rational use of natural resources as well as preservation of the environment for future generations by means of adverse technological effect minimization.

Ecological policy objectives:

  • Provision of the environmental management system operability and improvement in accordance with its international standard requirements in order to achieve targeted goals with economic costs and high efficiency;
  • Environmental pollution decrease by means of advanced technology implementation;
  • Compliance to the RF and RT legislation requirements as well as observance of standards and regulations in the field of natural resources utilization, environment control and ecological safety;
  • Specific amount of emissions, pollutants and wastes discharge decrease;
  • Raw materials, materials and power resources rational use, implementation of resources saving technology;
  • Reduction of accidents risk and its negative impact on the environment by means of process equipment enhanced reliability and its safe and trouble free operation;
  • Raise employees awareness in the area of natural resource rational use, environmental protection and ecological safety;
  • Monitoring the effect of main and supplementary production processes on the environment;

Compliance to these guidelines is considered by Kazanorgsintez PJSC management as a basis for insuring environmental safety of the Company’s activity as well as condition for optimum balance between ecological interests and social and economic requirements of the society aimed to promote sustainable development of the Russian Federation.

Environmental monitoring

Kazanorgsintez PJSC successfully applies an environmental monitoring system which provides prompt and effective tracing of the ecological conditions in the Company’s exposure area, as well as allows to analyze ambient air and water bodies condition tendency, to determine the efficiency of environmental protection measures being implemented and as well as to promptly identify and eliminate environmental emergencies at manufacturing plants. All these efforts are performed by the accredited sanitary and industrial laboratory (Accreditation Certificate No.ROSS.RU.0001512321 dd. 02/04/2013.)

The monitoring includes such key areas as:

  • Observance of specified environmental impact regulations by the natural resources user;
  • Recording the assortment and quantity of pollutants exhausted to the environment by facilities of the natural resources user;
  • Performance of environment-oriented plans and activities determined by designated state authorities involved in monitoring and supervision of the environmental protection;
  • Observance of limits for the use of natural resources;
  • Control of hazardous production waste storage in specially designated areas;
  • Stable and efficient operation of the environmental protection equipment and facilities;
  • State of environmental medium;
  • Prompt and timely provision of necessary and sufficient information specified by environment management system of the Company;
  • Timely provision of complete and competent information specified by state statistical reporting system in the environmental protection area, state ecological monitoring system, used to ensure safety measures in emergency situations and to validate the amount of ecological payments.

Sanitary-industrial laboratory performs industrial and ecological supervision of the following:

  • Content of harmful substances (dusts, gases, vapors) in working area air; dust and gas collectors operation efficiency and compliance with specified regulations requirements concerning maximum allowable emissions into the atmosphere;
  • State of air medium in the territory of the Company’s premises and in sanitary-protection zone (stationary center), including control under unfavorable meteorological conditions (UMC);
  • Emissions spread around the territory of Joint Stock Company (under flare sampling);
  • Operation of local industrial wastes treatment units for the compliance to technical regulations;
  • Quality of Company’s chemically contaminated and industrial rain-storm run-offs;
  • Quality of waste waters downstream treatment in biological plants before they are discharged to water basins;
  • Quality of water in the Volga river, higher, lower and at the point of Company’s treated water discharge;
  • Air quality upon requests of workshops, departments in order to execute firing works and gas hazardous works (welding, equipment repair etc.);
  • Physical factors parameters in industrial premises (noise, illuminance, microclimate, vibration, electromagnetic field).
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