Sanitary - industrial laboratory

General data:

Sanitary-Industrial Laboratory of OJSC Kazanorgsintez.

Certificate of accreditation No.ROSS 0001.512321 valid till 27.03.2013.

The laboratory exercises control over:

  • content of harmful substances (dust, gases, vapours) in the air of the working area;
  • working efficiency of dust and gas catchers, as well as compliance with the established norms of maximum permissible emission to the atmosphere;
  • condition of the air basin in the in the territory of the company and in the sanitary - protection zone (stationary site), including the control under adverse meteorological conditions ;
  • distribution of emissions around the company (under plume sampling);
  • compliance of operation of local industrial effluent treatment units with the technical regulations;
  • quality of chemically polluted and industrial storm waters of the company facilities;
  • quality of waste waters after biological treatment before discharging to reservoir;
  • quality of the river Volga water upstream and downstream the point of discharge of purified waste waters of the company;
  • air medium by inquiry of the company’s shops and services when performing hot and gas dangerous works (welding, equipment repair, etc.);
  • physical factors parameters in industrial premises (noise, luminance, microclimate, vibration, electromagnetic fields).

Laboratory accreditation area

• waste water, industrial storm water, chemically polluted water, purified waste water, natural surface water;

• working area air, air of industrial sites and territory, atmospheric air, industrial waste to atmosphere;

• physical factors of operational environment , premises in residential and public buildings, apartment block territory.

  Analyzed object Evaluated factor
   1. Industrial emissions into atmosphere    Dust (suspended particles), nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen oxide, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, hydrochloride (hydrogen chloride), propylene oxide, ethylene oxide, carbon monoxide, saturated hydrocarbons (methane, ethane, propane, n-butane, iso-butane), unsaturated hydrocarbons (ethylene, propylene, butylene), hydroxy benzene (phenol), formaldehyde, benzoyl chloride, acetone, benzene, n-butanol, isopropyl benzene, methanol, toluene, ethyl benzene, benzene, lead
   2.Atmospheric air    Ammonia, nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen (II) oxide, hydroxybenzene, benzene, divinil (1,3-butadiene), methanol, unsaturated hydrocarbons (ethylene, propylene, butylene), propan-2-one(acetone), saturated hydrocarbons (methane, ethane, propane, n-butane, iso-butane), dust (suspended substance), hydrocarbon black, carbon oxide, chromium (VI), epoxyethane (ethylene oxide), ethylbenzene
   3. Natural surface water    Ammonium-ion, aluminum, acetone, benzene, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5 full.), suspended substances, pH, total iron, copper, oil products, nitrite ion, nitrate ion, dissolved oxygen, sulfate ion, nonionic surfactants (n-synthetic surfactants), dry residue, phosphate ion, phenol, chloride ion, COD, ethylene glycol, transparency, temperature, odour
   4. Purified waste water    Ammonium-ion, aluminum, active chlorine, acetone, benzene, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5 full), suspended substances, pH, total iron, copper, methanol, monoethanolamine, oil products, nitrite-ion, nitrate-ion, sulfate-ion, non-ionic surfactants (n-synthetic surfactants), dry residue, phosphate-ion, phenol, chloride-ion, chromium VI, COD, ethyleneglycol
   5. Chemically contaminated waste water    Ammonium-ion, aluminum, acetone, benzene, n-butanol, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5 full), suspended substances, pH, 2,2-dihydroxydiphenyl propane (Bisphenol A), isopropylbenzene, methanol, monoethanol-amine, oil products, nonionic surfactants (n-synthetic surfactants), sulfate-ion, dry residue, benzene-hydroxy (phenol), phosphate-ion, chloride-ion, COD, alkalinity, ethyleneglycol
   6. Physical factors

   Microclimate (temperature, relative humidity, air velocity, heat load index of the medium).
Parameters of light environment (illumination of the working area, daylight factor).
Noise (overall sound level, sound pressure levels in octave bands, equivalent sound levels, maximum sound level)
Vibration (general and local)
Electromagnetic radiation of VDT and PC users:
- intensity of the electric field;
- magnetic flux density

   7. Industrial (working) environment. Chemical factors. Working air.

   Nitrogen dioxide (in welding aerosol), nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen oxide, ammonia, 2-aminoethanol (monoethanolamine), acetaldehyde, benzene, butane, butylene, benzine, butane-1-ol, hydroxybenzene (phenol), hydro fluoride (hydrogen fluoride), hydrochloride (hydrogen - chloride), 2,2-(4,4- dihydroxydiphenyl propane (Bisphenol A), sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, hydrazine and its derivatives (hydrazine hydrate), dimethylbenzene (p-xylene), dimethyl carbonate, 1,3-dioxalane -2-on (ethylene carbonate), diphenyl carbonate, di-iron trioxide, 2,2-dimethyle tiazolidine, oxigen, methanol, (1-methylethyl) benzene (cumene), petroleum-based mineral oil, manganeze, methyl benzene (toluene), methyl phenyl carbonate, 1-Methyl-1-phenyl ethyl hydro-peroxide (cumene hydroperoxide), ozone (in welding aerosol, ozone, dust (suspended particles), propane-2-on (acetone), methane . ethane, ethylene, propane, propylene, n-butane, butene- 1 (alpha-butylene), isopentane, hexene, heptane, 1,2 epoxy propane (propylene oxide), non-stabilized polypropylene, polyetene (polyethylene), welding aerosol, lead, sulfur dioxide, sulphuric acid, tetrahydrofuran, 3а,4,7,7а-tetrahydro-4,7-methane-1n-indene (dicyclopentadiene), tetrachloromethane, tri (2-hydroxyethyl) amine (triethanolamine), carbon monoxide, ethanoic (acetic) acid, ethenyl acetate (vinyl acetate), formaldehyde, chrome VI trioxide, ethane-1,2-diol (ethylene glycol), ethyl acetate, ethyl benzene, epoxy ethane (ethylene oxide), carbon dioxide, ethanol, volume ratio of combustion gases (hydrocarbons). Except sanitary-industrial laboratory other industrial laboratories operate in structural divisions of the Company performing daily environmental quality monitoring.

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